marco basso - adriano de faveri - adriano talamelli
this website is due to our passion for colour-rings birding

we are ringers, we put colour-rings on birds

we travel the world to find and read colour-rings


we got our idea thanks to cr-birding

a very interesting and almost complete website on colour-ring birding


our aim is to improve and spread the interest of people for colour-rings reading by means of a constant updating about all the projects on colour-ring birding all over Europe ... obviously only through pictures! According to us our site can help spreading the importance of cr-reading activities. As a result both birdwatchers and cr-readers will concentrate their consideration on bird's legs thus increasing attention on rings and other kinds of marking. This will be helpful to all those people who have projects to carry out or have to study the data received. A positive support for birds, and for environment too.

thank you! marco adriano adriano